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"Alice Gone Bad"

Going about with a knife dressed in blue velvet. Innocence of an adolescent wrapped up in dark thoughts. Welcome to the dark side of little Alice. in Wonderland.


-A shoot inspired by Lewis Carroll.


January 2016

"Sasha's Florence" in Rufina

Undress by the window with a view of Valdisieve, drench yourself in 18th century fabric, take a walk around the garden of the house on the hill, let out the vests and allow them to spread themselves on the hedge maze, after let them flutter on the windows - this is how Sasha's Florence finds its haven, parched by the heat of the sun.


-An improvised photoshoot with  vintage clothing and fabric.


June 2015

"Sasha's Florence"

Locking up the little vintage shop on Via San Niccolo, putting on a ghostly white dress and emmersing yourself in a mood of mystique.


-Photoshoot for "Sasha's Florence" shop


June 2015

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