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"I like an element of surprise. Tending to prioritise unexpected moments and experiences over security and stability, my thread splashes of colour are bold, loud and bare, drawn from the emotions of my experiences."

OLGA ERMOL is a Lisbon based visual artist, originally from Ukraine. Her creative journey ignited at the age of 9 when she first began to paint, laying the foundation for her artistic path.


Olga has explored various mediums such as oil paint, digital art and sculpture, culminating in her exploration of thread as a “painting” medium in 2020 – a turning point that defines her current focus.


Crafted at the crossroads of art and design, these artworks are conceived in a state of meditation, assembling the image thread by thread. Ermol's artistic philosophy transcends the rational, seeking to evoke genuine emotional response through her creations. Her abstract thread pieces serve as dynamic visual narratives, hand crafted to bring vibrancy and energy to living spaces, guided by a passion for mid-century design, architecture, and the vibrant pulse of Latin American culture.

Ermol has exhibited in Florence, Italy and thus far her work has been commissioned and sold across the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Milan and London. Her academic background lies in Graphic Design at Winchester School of Art (UK), a Masters in Sustainable Thinking from Goldsmiths (UK), and Interior Design at Scuola Politecnica di Design (IT).

For commission, purchase or other enquiries please contact via email or instagram.

olga ermol artist
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